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I love my cat!  Love me; Love my cat.  It really is a package deal.

It really is all about the cat!  He does run this household.

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Zoey is Bored!

The Humane Society of the United States

This photo is copyrighted.
Zoey is on the computer again!



Oh my dear little Oreo.  He was a hand-me-down from a friend of mine.  So, I didn't get to raise him from a baby.  Such a sneaky cat he was.  If I had a door opened for more than two seconds he would be out of.  He was very good at hidding in any spot he could wiggle in and under. 
He loved going outside, yet he was forced to live in side.  We would take him over to friends houses and put a huge leash and clip it onto the clothes line.  Problem was, he didn't like the train and would get scared and climb the tree.  Mind you this cat didn't have front claws.  So, if you can picture this, a cat up the tree with a leash connected to the clothes line trying to get down.  lol
Oh did Oreo keep me and when Zoey came along on our toes.  And his fur; I still find that around the house. 

This photo is copyrighted.
This is Oreo.

This photo is copyrighted.
Oreo & Zoey

This photo is copyrighted.
Oreo & Zoey

His Royal Highness - Zoey
.... and yes the crown is really on his head.

This photo is copyrighted.
Zoey is getting ready for an afternoon nap! But first he must be a ham for the camera.

This photo is copyrighted.
Zoey is taking a nap!

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Visiting Baby Jesus



Oh my little Zoey.  He is my baby.  He spends alot of time on the computer with me assisting me with the mouse. 
Zoey was adopted in June of 1995 during a Jaycee Project.  A farmer pulled up to the lot that we were vending and had a tunk full of kittens.  He threated that he was going to take them to the river and drown them unless we could take them.  Well, of course we would take them and find homes. 
Zoey was the runt of the litter and we didn't find a home for him, so I ended up taking him home.  (Remember, I already had Oreo at the time.)  He was a sick little bugger and couldn't have been more than a month old.  From head to tail he fit in my hand.  I even have one of his baby teeth that he broke off when he tried hanging himself with his collar.  (As you see he no longer wears a collar.  He is chipped so if he does get outside they can get him home.)
Well, Zoey has been my furbaby since and as you can see he is no longer the runt of the litter. 
Zoey enjoys playing with his rabbit fur mice and feathers.  He also likes sitting in the windows and watching the birds and squirrels.  It is funny when a squirrel climbs on the screen and Zoey is in that window.  Who is going to end up where?!  He also loves his 'dirty kitty' -  a fleece cat pillow.  That goes with him everywhere.
Yep.....he is spoiled!
Ok, now you are wondering why is a male cat named Zoey.  Well, it started out as Joey as he jumped around like a little Joey kangaroo.  It was that until there was a typo on a his rabies vaccination certificate and I didn't notice it until it was sent into the city.  Such a process to change the "Z" to a "J" so I said forget it and forever he has been known as Zoey.

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This is Zoey!

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Zoey at Grandma & Grandpa's

This photo is copyrighted.
Zoey and his 'dirty kitty'.

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Christmas 2005

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I'm Bored!

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