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OMG.  I have trolls visiting this page!  Please take your cult and go somewhere else!  Or are you doing dirty work for your "master" now.

You blocked me today, why??  I wasn't bothering you.  I am not reading your cult.  You have nothing on your forum of interest to me.  I haven't been in your cult since I requested my screen name be removed from your cult.  That was a few days after you opened the gates to your electronic church of worship.  Months Ago...Three Holidays ago.

But you certainly like following me around don't ya.  I know I am not the only one you have done this too.  Discrimination.

Spiritual Support for people with APS my ass.  I do know how you talk about me and the members of the forum I am on - heck members of your own forum.  You violate your own Ten Commandments once again proving what kind of hypocrites you are.

You are a fricken paranoid bunch of people.  You are a fricken relgious cult.  Really, what you are doing is just a bunch of "nosense" and maybe a "scare tactic of someone that likes drama."  Well, I see see through your BullSHit.

I hope you feel good about yourselves....  Jesus would be proud of you being his servants.  I know Lucifer is loving ya.  Which side of the gate are you really on?

Yeah, I have the screen shot.

There is much more truth to come about your sins.  I am praying for your very hateful, lost souls.  May God forgive you for your many sins.

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