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Help support the APS Foundation of America Your generosity has come in the form of donations, volunteering, fundraising efforts, and special event participation -- for that we can never thank you enough. When it comes time for you to show your gratitude to loved ones this autumn season, we hope you can keep the APS Foundation of America in mind. As part of a new fundraising initiative, when you purchase flowers and gift baskets online from our Flower website, 12% of the proceeds are sent to the APS Foundation of America. In fact, you can visit any time of the year to send flowers and gifts for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and holidays -- with every purchase you make, you will be supporting our efforts. Thank you for your continued support.

Our CafePress Shop

We have a large shop located on CafePress. These will be an ongoing thing as well as the lapel pin sales. There are many APS, Thrombophilia, Lupus, Factor V Leiden and NEW! DVT Awareness items for sale in our shops. Some of these items are: t-shirts, stickers, tote bags, mugs...etc and there are many designs to chose from. We also have for sale an Anticoagulant Log Book which features 2 years of Coumadin logs and notes areas as well as general Anticoagulant information. Each sale from our CafePress shop includes a small donation to the APS Foundation of America, Inc.

The link is

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Amazon Honor System & Amazon Shopping

We have signed up for the Amazon Honor System. They have an easy and secure page in which they will collect donations for us. You can make donations through Amazon with a credit card, or ATM card with a credit card logo.
Click below for more information.

Amazon Honor System 

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The APS Foundation of America, Inc. is one of the charities participating in GoodSearch, a new Internet search engine that donates half of the advertising revenue it earns to charity. Each time you use GoodSearch and designate The APSFA as your charity of choice, GoodSearch will donate a portion of the advertising revenue earned from the search to the APSFA.

It’s easy to use. Just go to the GoodSearch homepage and specify The APS Foundation of America, Inc. as your designated charity, click verify and scroll through the list of charities to select APSFA. After the first time, each time you return to the home page, APS Foundation of America, Inc. will appear as your designated charity. There is even a button you can click to see the number of searches and the amount raised.

Add GoodSearch to your bookmarks, make it your homepage, or even download the GoodSearch toolbar/pop-up blocker to make it easier to use. Also, please spread the word to your family and friends to help generate more contributions. GoodSearch estimates each search will raise $0.01 for your designated charity. 100 supporters searching twice a day could generate $730 a year, 1000 supporters - $7,300, and 10,000 supporters searching twice a day could generate $73,000!

With your help, GoodSearch can generate donations, at no cost to you that will help us to spread the word about APS!

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Do you send flowers to family or friends? The APSFA has partnered with and they have made us our own special online flower shop website! We have BEAUTIFUL arrangements for ALL occasions for EXCELLENT prices! Click the graphic below to see our site!  Bonus: 12 % of the proceeds goes to the APSFA!


GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
Want to help me and the hundreds of thousands other people with this disease?  Use this search engine, powered by Yahoo, and enter in APS Foundation of America - APSFA.  Even better, set it to your homepage.  Thanks!

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