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Life With the US Coast Guard
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41' Utility Boat (UTB) 41433 - CG Station Milwaukee, WI

Riverfest, La Crosse, WI

HH65A Dolphin - Riverfest - LaCrosse, Wisconsin

HH65A Dolphin - Riverfest - LaCrosse, Wisconsin

HH65A Dolphin - Courtsey of the USCG


There are dozens of job assignments available to you.
Here is a brief overview of career fields in the
U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve:

Safety and Law Enforcement

Coast Guard teams are responsible for both enforcing our nation’s laws and rescuing people in trouble on our waterways. And when it comes to safety, the Coast Guard is the primary maritime organization in the United States for search and rescue (SAR) operations.

Maritime Patrols

From the largest tanker to the smallest watercraft, people depend on the Coast Guard to help them navigate through waterways. The Coast Guard also inspects ships to ensure they are seaworthy and comply with our laws.


Every Coast Guard station uses advanced electronics, telecommunications and computer systems. Maybe you’d like to be one of the expert technicians we always need to maintain and operate them.

Environmental Operations

If you serve on the Coast Guard’s environmental response team, you’ll receive state-of-the-art training in clean-up procedures, hazardous-waste disposal and environmental-safety enforcement techniques.


Coast Guard aviation teams serve ashore and afloat and can be on-site at a moment’s notice. The Coast Guard employs a variety of fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. Whether you’re a pilot, crew or ground-support team member, you’re part of today’s exciting aviation technology.


Without these individuals, the Coast Guard’s daily operations would grind to a halt. Administrative personnel are in charge of accounting and office management. If this is the career path you choose, you’ll learn all about word processing, spreadsheets, databases and financial management.

The majority of your training in all of these fields will be done on the job, not in classrooms. Training is structured and taught by experienced professionals—the perfect people to learn from. Plus, you’ll get regular tests and evaluations so you can be sure your skills are the best they can be. Almost everything we teach carries over to the civilian workforce. In fact, companies prefer to hire Coast Guard people due to their combination of experience, discipline and readiness to assume responsibility.

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